Knowing Your Speed Limits when Driving a Van in UK

know your speed limits

Speed limits for vans in the UK are not always the same as they are for cars.  And with the amount you can be fined in court for speeding now as much as £2,500, do you know how fast you can legally drive a van on British roads?

Making van speed limits even more confusing, different classes of van’s are subject to different rules.

Here are the limits which you should abide by when driving a van.

  • Normal Roads: 30 mph
  • Single Carriageway: 60 mph
  • Dual Carriageways: 70mph
  • Motorways: 70 mph

If your Van exceeds two tonnes when loaded, then you need to abide by these limits below.  (These apply to vehicles from 2T – 7.5T)

  • Roads: 30 mph
  • Single carriageway: 50 mph
  • Dual carriageways: 60 mph
  • Motorways: 70 mph
 If towing a trailer with your van this affects the speed limits again to below.
  • Normal Roads: 30 mph
  • Single carriageway: 50 mph
  • Dual carriageways: 60mph
  • Motorways: 60mph

Speed limits for 3.5t vans

The above speed restrictions absolutely apply to vans with a 3.5-tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW, also known as maximum laden weight), although European law means all light commercial vehicles between 3.5T and 7.5T should be electronically restricted to 56mph anyway.