Leading publications put the IVECO S-WAY to the test

Leading commercial vehicle publications Truck and Trailor and Commercial Motors have been amongst the first in the UK to put the New IVECO S-WAY to the test. Spending two weeks behind the wheel the vehicle has been tested in ‘real-world conditions’.

North East Truck and Van look at some of the key findings.

Fuel efficiency

Bob Beech from Commercial Motors commented “The more the miles rack up, the more you begin to appreciate the finer points. Ride quality is excellent, as is the stability and cornering. Performance-wise, the IVECO S-WAY is surprisingly lively and willing to rev and change gear quickly but it doesn’t use a lot of fuel and it offers a unique driving experience. I got a peak fi gure of 11.2mpg running on a milk trunk and my end-of week figure, which involved considerable cross-country work, was 9.3mpg.”

Connectivity on the move

Featuring the latest IVECO On function, the New IVECO S-WAY keeps connected to the IVECO Control Room andTransport office at all times. Dougie Rankine from Truck and Trailor noted “There is also a new predictive maintenance feature via the IVECO ON umbrella, where filters, fluids and major components are all monitored live, to maximise efficiency and prevent any potential causes of breakdowns. A simple example is the fuel filter: a sensor will detect it is nearing the lower end of efficiency, which will be flagged up and the truck booked in for maintenance before a potential problem occurs. Brake pads, batteries and other consumable items are all covered. If you want to go further, the app offers a modular range of premium personal services to the operator, including professional fuel advice, fleet management and maintenance”.

IVECO S-WAY ON Technology


Discussing a journey from the West County to Dover, Beech added “The IVECO was in its element on this run; stability and sure-footed handling is paramount with hanging meat suspended from the trailer roof. The superb ride and handling of the IVECO S-WAY, combined with tremendous braking power available from the engine brake and optional gearbox retarder, made it possible to negotiate rural roads, roundabouts and other obstructions at a decent pace, but in total safety. The engine and transmission are well matched, requiring very little additional driver input. We made our connection, swapped trailers and headed for home with an inbound load of frozen vegetables. We ran at 36 tonnes on the outward leg and 41 tonnes heading back, covering 343 miles in less than 7 hours 30 minutes, at an average of 48.5mph, using 36 gallons of diesel, giving an average consumption of 9.5 mpg. That’s a good return by any standards”.

Alternative fuel option

Set to arrive in the UK in 2021, highlighted benefits of switching to Natural Power fuel were seen to include;

■ 99% less particulate emissions than diesel engines

■ 80% less nitrogen emissions

■ 20% less CO2 emissions

■ 90% less non-methane hydrocarbons

■ 95% less CO2 emissions with bio methane

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