How Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) can transform your fleet

With the introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas as an alternative fuel, fleets are opting to move away from the traditional diesel power. When making this decision it is vital that all potential benefits and impacts are evaluated. North East Truck and Van take a look at the decision process.

What to consider when choosing LNG?

  • What is the average mileage per annum for each vehicle?
  • Are the journeys local, nationwide or pan-European?
  • What are your concerns around introducing LNG to your fleet?
  • Where are your main fuelling locations currently?

Alternative to traditional diesel

LNG is suitable for any haulage business and can be tailored to individual requirements. With a 4x2 LNG vehicle having a range of up to 1500km per tank, LNG offers an excellent range that is longer than you may think. Offering a cost reduction of up to 40% against traditional diesel power, it is cost-effective particularly for fleets that undertake trunking routes and longer journeys. LNG offers up to a 20 % reduction in carbon and bioLNG can increase CO2 savings to a huge 95%.

Why choose an IVECO Natural Power vehicle

  • Equal performance
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Pollution and noise reduction
  • 15% COemissions
  • Sustainable in urban areas
  • Low infrastructure investment
  • Free travel within Low Emissions and Clean Air zones

Discover the IVECO Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) range at North East Truck and Van

The latest IVECO LNG range is available today at North East Truck and Van. For further information about how LNG can transform your business fleet call 01642 370555. Alternatively, visit a North East Truck and Van dealership in Blaydon, Billingham, Carlisle, Hull, Immingham, Lincoln or York.

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