Efficiency in long-haul transport.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable
  • Body-friendly
  • Maximum living comfort
  • Economical
The MAN TGX truck Series, winner of several coveted prizes, among them “Truck of the Year 2008”, sets new standards in transport efficiency for long-haul transport. Precisely tailored to long-haul transport: the new EfficientLine long-haul semitrailer tractor.For more information visit: MAN TGX
  • Efficiency champion: the new TGX EfficientLine
    Maximum fuel economy with minimum CO2 emissions and comprehensive standard equipment – this is what the new 4×2 400 to 480 HP semitrailer tractor offers.
    Its advantages:
    Fuel savings of 3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres are possible in long-haul transport without the need for technically complicated measures. EfficientLine is uncompromisingly designed for optimum aerodynamics: side panelling is mandatory, air horns are taboo. The top speed is limited to 85 km/h. Air Pressure Management, daytime driving lights and a new intarder generation save energy. Driver training is included in the package so as to ensure that the fuel-saving technology is exploited to the full.
  • Economical due to sophisticated aerodynamics
    4 % more favourable drag coefficient (Cw) and a lightweight construction reduce fuel consumption and decrease driving noise by 30 % compared to its TGA predecessor.
  • Safety with driver assistance systems
    Electronic stability program (ESP) partly as standard, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), anti-lock braking system (ABS), the lane guard system (LGS), brake assistant and Continuous Damping Control (CDC) ensure better safety to protect the driver and freight.
    EEV certificate based on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology
    Freedom to enter low-emission zones with the stringent EEV standard for 320 to 480 HP engines – Europe’s strongest truck, the MAN V8 with 680 HP, also now available with EEV technology.
  • XL, XLX and XXL cabs in powerful V-appearance
    A lot of room for driving, sleeping and living.
  • New safety package for MAN TGX
    MAN offers its customers even more traffic safety at an attractive package price: the safety equipment Lane Guard System (LGS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are available as a package for the TGS-TGX EfficientLine and consistently ensure enhanced safety in long-distance transport.

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Large, larger, XXL. The XXL cab is the largest cab in Europe. With a standing height of 2100 mm, two comfortable bunk beds and a large number of versatile storage compartments, the cab guarantees maximum comfort and freedom of movement in international long-haul transport.

The advantages to you as the driver:

  • Large beds
  • Unparalleled feeling of ventilation in the interior
  • Bright interior thanks to the particularly high windscreen
  • Unrestricted headroom thanks to a low transmission tunnel
  • For the most stringent demands when it comes to equipment features and exclusivity
  • Maximum living comfort, particularly on very long journeys (up to 3 weeks in long-haul transport)

The advantages to you as the company owner:

  • Increased motivation for fleet drivers, even when they’re on the road
  • Enhanced image and recognition for the company
  • Vehicle can be used in 2-driver mode

Full standing height, full comfort. The XLX cab is perfectly tailored to the fleet segment, a long-haul transport cab par excellence. The cab features a generously sized interior, an agreeable ambience and practical storage compartments. The cab comes with a comfortable bunk bed as standard; a second bed can be installed on request.

The advantages to you as the driver:

  • Large, wide interior
  • Large beds
  • Easy-to-reach storage areas above the windscreen
  • Low transmission tunnel – full standing height throughout the cab
  • Ample stowage space for the journey

The advantages to you as the company owner:

  • Cab suitable for all trailer types
  • Lower aerodynamic drag (fuel consumption) in connection with corresponding trailers in comparison with the XXL cab thanks to the lower front end
  • Lower overall height than the XXL cab – improved superstructure capability (e.g. cooling unit)
  • Weight advantage in comparison with the XXL cab with corresponding payload advantage
  • Problem-free resale thanks to its versatility

Compact size, the comfort large class. The cab offers a unique spatial experience thanks to the ease of access from door to door, and the comfortable bunk bed installed as standard.

The advantages to you as the driver:

  • Large amount of space thanks to increased width (2440 mm)
  • Comfortable, generously sized bed for breaks and relaxation
  • Larger stowage space for baggage and supplies
  • Easy access to the bed thanks to the low transmission tunnel
  • The advantages to you as the company owner:
  • Good superstructure capability (e.g. for cooling units or a loading crane)
  • Drivers can sleep comfortably in the cab in the event of journeys lasting several days
  • Lower weight than the XXL and XLX with corresponding payload advantage