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HINO sets new industry quality standards with trucks that have become synonymous with durability, reliability and low cost of ownership. The Hino family of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks offer outstanding engineering, the latest technology, and safety and comfort features that make your work easier.

Hino`s drive is centred on a concept that it calls human engineering. Human engineering refers to the development of technical solutions to the unique challenges facing each customer. Hino trucks are engineered to make your working experience a safe, reliable and comfortable one.

HINO 300 Series

HINO 300 series 001
HINO 300 series 002
HINO 300 series 003
HINO 300 series 004
HINO 300 series 005
HINO 300 series 006
HINO 300 Series 007

HINO 700 Series

HINO 700 series 001
HINO 700 series 002
HINO 700 series 003
HINO 700 series 004
HINO 700 series 005